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Price: $29.95
New Book:  Not to be missed:  reviewed by Karen Ryer

Color in Three Dimensions
The Sculpture of Jerrold Ballaine

(each copy personally autographed by Jerrold Ballaine)
By J.C. Leissring 2011

Paperback, 60 pages

For those of us fortunate enough to know the nearly six decades of Ballaine’s paintings and sculpture (and to know him personally), this small but mighty catalog of his recent work in bronze, plaster and yes, marble is a MUST have for any student of  21st century stone sculpture.
Ballaine spent the last 10 years creating female figures in Carrara marbles.  But not only does his figurative carving break ground with powerful moving line, texture and motion.

He has  broken the color barrier by painting his figures.  Yes,  he has taken a page from Greek sculpture, and written an entirely new book in how to enliven.Ballaine’s lifelong work as a painter has brought him to this stunning apex in stone carving.His sculpture, like his painting, moves and flows in countless dimensions, and for us stone carvers, opens a vista of potential for our imaginations to seize for our own work.

The catalog also features his new bronze and painted plaster work.  Ballaine lives and works here in Sonoma County, California.

Price: $54.95
Book 1: Portrait Sculpting: Anatomy & Expression in Clay
by Philippe & Charisse Faraut

Here is the most complete and comprehensive book on modeling the portrait in clay. Over 550 photographs of sixty-five different sculptures are used to show a series of exercises organized in a progressive manner. This text offers art students; painters, illustrators, forensic artists and sculptors interested in accurately depicting the human face an invaluable source of knowledge.

Hardcover, Smythe sewn, 8 3/4" x 11 1/4", 224 pages.

Price: $54.95
BOOK 2:  Mastering Portraiture:
Advanced Analyses of the Face Sculpted in Clay 
by Philippe & Charisse Faraut

In this follow-up book to his first volume Portrait Sculpting: Anatomy & Expressions in Clay, Philippe Faraut expands on modeling the human face in water-based clay featuring more than
100 new busts. Designed for the advanced artist, this text utilizes nearly 600 photographs including 64 full-page images to analyze the requirements for capturing a likeness. Emphasis is placed on an in-depth study of facial anatomy critical in developing compelling expressions
and bringing life to three-dimensional representations of the face. Additional studies are includedto show successful treatments of hair and drapery, as well as the aging process.


Price: $54.95
Book 3: Figure Sculpting Volume I:
Planes & Construction Techniques in Clay
by Philippe & Charisse Faraut
In their third book on modeling techniques in clay Philippe and Charisse Faraut present a comprehensive approach to the complex subject of the human figure. Over 700 photos and illustrations are used to demonstrate series of exercises for the head, torso, arms, hands, legs, feet and full figure that promote rapid progress while learning the anatomy specifically relevant to the 3D artist. The traditional clay sculptor, as well as the digital sculptor, will find information on structure, planes, balance and the subtle details that are required in order to master this art.

The Stone Carvers - Book/DVD

We have the heart-warming book about the Italian-American master stone carvers who spent decades creating the sculptures that adorn the Washington National Cathedral.....and with the permission of the author, Marjorie Hunt, are now offering it to you.

In 1984 Ms. Hunt and her collaborator, Paul Wagner, produced an award-winning video which includes interviews with some of the carvers. Although the book has many beautiful photographs, there’s nothing quite like hearing the carvers’ words from their own mouths.

We invite you into the wondrous world of stone carving as seen through the eyes of these extraordinary men. The DVD is priced at $29.95,

The Stone Carvers Book
Price: $19.95
The Stone Carvers - Book
Price: $27.95
The Stone Carvers - DVD

Price: $47.95
The Stone Carvers - Book and DVD
Price: $40
Direct Stone Sculpture
    by Milt Liebson

Direct Stone sculpture An excellent guide through the hands-on experience of stone carving; describes variety of stone and tools; methods of repair; hundreds of photos of the process and completed works.

More than 300 photos - many in color - 160 pages - HARD COVER
Price: $25
Contemporary Stone Sculpture
    by Dona Z. Meilach

Contemporary Stone Sculpture
Description of stone types; how to select and transport it; how to carve using hand and pneumatic tools; methods of finishing work.

357 black & white photos - 224 pages - SOFT COVER
Price: $14.95

Limited Quantity

Creating with Soapstone
Creating with Soapstone

A delightful little book full of ideas and detailed instructions for creating soapstone projects...perfect for gift-giving...or for yourself

Price: $15
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